Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

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Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Goal

What we offer:

"The overall goal of the Head Start Program is to increase to a greater degree the social competence of young children in low-income families."





To provide a nurturing environment for migrant and seasonal families

which empowers families to develop their strengths and talents to provide a brighter future for their children.


To provide a safe, loving, stimulating, fun environment. An environment with a firm foundation conducive to learning that will encourage a positive outlook, increase self esteem and develop confidence, trust and independence.


Program Description

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) is a federally funded comprehensive child development program based on four cornerstones:


- Child Development


- Family Development


- Community Building


- Staff Development


MSHS serves children ages 6 weeks  through 5 years and their families who meet the migrant and income guidelines at the Alliance and Scottsbluff sites.


Children are served five days a week, 10 hours each day, Alliance Site will start in April to October.  Scottsbluff Site will be from June to August.



Eligibility Criteria

Migrant and Seasonal families wishing to enroll their children must meet the following requirements:


- Families must move from one geographic location to another within  the last 24 months to do agricultural    labor (Migrants)


- At least 51% of the family income must come from    agricultural work


- Parents must be working in agriculture or actively seeking work in agriculture during the months of service


- Must meet the poverty level income guidelines (children who come from families with slightly higher income may be able to participate when space is available) once all income eligible children have been enrolled


- Children must be between the ages of 6 weeks and  5 years old. If they turn 6 before May 26th of the service year, they do not qualify


- Children with special needs are given preference when meeting the above criteria.


Head Start Philosophy

"To offer family members with opportunities and support for growth and change, believing that people can identify their own strengths and interests and are capable of finding solutions."



"To foster the roles of parents as the primary educators and nurtures, of and advocates for, their children.  To work in close partnerships with parents to assist them in developing and utilizing individual and family strengths in order to successfully meet personal and family objectives.  To encourage parents to become involved in all aspects of the program, from participation in children's activities to direct involvement in policy and program decisions."


    School Readiness




Other Services

We focus on the whole child.  In addition to education we focus on all of the developmental, social, nutritional and health needs of the child and family.  Roll over the following  to find out more.

    School Readiness


For more Information from the National Head Start visit:

Office of Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center


How to Enroll:

The Migrant and Seasonal Head Start will start in April to October for the Alliance Site.  Scottsbluff Site will be from June to August.

Applications are filled out in person at our main office at 3350 10th Street Gering, NE 69341 (no appointment needed)


In Alliance

912 Box Butte St.



Please bring the following documentation:

-- Birth Certificate or a legal document that has the child's date of birth.

-- Proof of income (1040, W-2, pay-stubs, TANF/AFDC, we need a year worth of income documentation)

-- Proof that 51% of household income comes from agriculture labor.



For additional questions please call: 308-635-3089 and ask for Migrant Head Start.


Migrant & Seasonal Head Start (see brochure English or Español)

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